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Our Process:

1. During the scheduled pick up of the rugs, we will pre-inspect your rug for any damage, notifying you of any existing damage.

2. Once the rug arrives at our shop, it is vacuumed to remove any loose soil and grit.

3. Next it is tested for dye-bleed. If the rug passes the dye-bleed test.

4. Then we spray a special shampoo designed for Oriental Rugs.

5. We gently machine scrub the rugs to clean the entire fiber.  

6. It is then rinsed and extracted

7. We then hang up the rugs and place blowers around the rugs to speed dry the rugs

8.  After the rug dries, the pile and fringe are groomed and it undergoes a final inspection.

9. Once the rug passes final inspection, it is rolled, wrapped and delivered back to the room we picked it up from.

At Sunshine Carpet Cleaning we offer professional oriental rug cleaning. We also specialize in cleaning area rugs, Persian rugs and Navajo rugs. We understand the value and quality that oriental rugs possess and whether they are handmade or machine-woven, we have the knowledge and skill to clean them. Dirt spots and stains not only look ugly in your home, but can seriously bring down the value of your oriental rug. Regular oriental rug cleanings should be scheduled to increase the longevity of your Persian rug.

We only use top-of-the-line biodegradable soaps which are specially designed

to bring out the most vibrant patterns and colors in your rugs. They are good for the environment and made to remove any harmful allergens that could be living in your oriental rugs. Our cleaning solvents are all safe and not harmful to children or pets. Our process not only cleans your rugs, but makes them soft and feeling like new.

Oriental Rug Cleaning 

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