Sunshine Carpet Cleaning Inc.

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning Inc.

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Our Process:

1. Inspect your tile and grout for any loose tiles and grout

2. Apply specialized tile and grout cleaner to your tile floor

3. Machine scrub the tile and grout using grout specific scrub brush

4. Steam clean your tile and grout using 800 - 1,000 lbs. of pressure and 220 degrees of water while machine vacuums water simultaneously 

5. Move furniture as requested

6. Extract excess water from tile and grout

7. Treat any stubborn stains and areas with special stain remover

We can restore your tile and grout back to the way it looked the day it was installed.  Sunshine Carpet Cleaning specializes in cleaning ceramic and porcelain tile and grout which is the most commonly used tile in homes and businesses today.  Spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush is now a thing of the past.  Our powerful hard surface cleaning equipment will safely remove all dirt, grease, and grime from your tile and grout surfaces.  

Tile And Grout Cleaning Services